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Dahon Boardwalk Review – Great starter bike for urban commuting

The Dahon Boardwalk S1 Folding Bike is one of the lowest-priced models from Dahon, arguably the most popular and highly ubiquitous brand when it comes to folding bicycles. Designed for urban riding, this classic-looking bike folds in 15 seconds into a sleek and compact package. It is a little heavier than other Dahon models, but that also means it is sturdier and more durable than the others, and can support a greater amount of weight.

With that said, you can check other similar folding bikes here: http://www.realmancyclingchallenge.com/best-folding-bike/

Dahon Boardwalk S1 Folding Bike Review – Features at a glance

Dahon Boardwalk

  • Folds in fifteen to twenty seconds
  • Stem can be easily adjusted so that the bike can fit riders of all sizes
  • Single speed
  • Carrying weight: 30.5 lbs
  • Folded size: 13.7″ x 31.1″ x 34.6″
Dahon Boardwalk S1 Folding Bike

TheDahon Boardwalk folding bicycle is an excellent quality, entry-level bike for short commutes to your workplace, the cafe, or leisurely rides around the park. Although it is a tad on the heavy site when compared to other foldable bikes, the Boardwalk S1 Dahon is comparatively sturdier and can be safely driven over potholes and uneven ground surfaces without damage to the frame.

The single speed means that the bike is limited to non-rugged terrain, perfect for urban riding. It also means that the bike requires practically zero maintenance effort, and you even have the added benefit of a better workout when riding it!

Take a look at the following snippets of customer testimonials from Amazon.com if you’re still not convinced with regards to the bike’s excellent quality.

Dahon Boardwalk S1 Review – Bottomline

The bottomline is, if you’re looking for an ultra-portable lightweight foldable bike, then the Dahon Boardwalk S1 is not quite for you. If, however, you are looking for a low-priced bike with a strong, sturdy frame for your everyday short commuting needs within the city, then the Dahon Boardwalk bike might just be the one for you.

How to Keep Your Child Safe from Electrical Outlets?

If you have a baby at your home then you need to protect it and baby proof it so that your child does not get electrocuted. In fact, our homes are the most unsafe places for kids where most of the electrical things are around. Read this article to find out how to keep your child safe from electrical outlets.

Tips on how to keep your child safe from electrical outlets:

safety-5Till the time your baby stays in a cradle, he will be safe. But, as soon as he starts venturing out and starts walking, you need to take care of your home and make it child proof.

  • Build some barriers: Try to create and build barriers around the hazardous places so that your child does not venture out there. And, the hazardous places could be fireplaces, staircases, bathrooms etc. In fact, if the kid gets inside some room and locks himself up by mistake, it will be really tough to get him out. If you have staircase in your room, put gates on the top and the bottom.
  • Redecorate your house and remove breakable items: Even though you have a lot of decorative items around, you will need to redecorate them so that the kid does not touch it and break it. Keep all those houseplants outside so that the kid doesn’t accidentally chew them off.
  • Keeping tab on your child’s activity with a baby monitor.
  • Put a lot of locks: It is best to childproof the home with the help of locks. Lock off all your cabinets so that the kid does not open the cabinets and spill the things outside. Also, if you have medicines with you, it would be safe to keep all of them on the top shelf so that the baby does not swallow them by mistake. In fact, when you are having locks installed, it would be good to put locks which will lock automatically.
  • Take care of the wires and the cords: These are completely strangulation hazards, so tie up all the electrical wires that are hanging around and keep them away from the baby’s grasp. Also, if you have switch plates around, cover them up with automatically sliding covers or cover them up with plastic covers. Tie up loose wires so that the kid doesn’t touch it while playing.
  • Fix the furniture properly: While the toddlers learn to walk, they hold on to furniture like chairs and tables while walking. Secure all the furniture properly and keep them stacked to the wall so that they don’t overturn on the kid.

With a little precaution, you would be able to childproof your homes and keep the babies safe. Hope you learnt how to keep your child safe from electrical outlets.


Modern Air Rifles

When you want to get an air rifle sometimes you have to look at more than just the prices. The air rifles are all over and so what you need it for is what matters the most. When you go to your local sports shop for a gun you will first be asked what you want to use the gun for. Make your choice way before going to the shop because you might need a rifle for shooting game like birds when hunting or you might need it for shooting targets. Either way you need to be accurate and spell out your demand or else you might just end up being laughed at when you show up with a hunting gun yet you need to shoot targets.

Most common air rifles are known for their multi pumps and large air compressors. The better they compress air the faster their ammunition velocity. The rifles have internal chambers which hold air up to the time when the trigger is pulled. Once you pull the trigger air with immense pressure is released and forces ammunition down the pellets. You shooters need to start hunting and shooting targets with rifles with multiple chambers which are rather user friendly. Also a scope will be a worthwhile investment if your gun doesn’t come with one: http://huntinggearlab.com/best-air-rifles/best-air-rifle-scopes/

Rifles are very powerful with different ranges in velocity and propulsion. Their energies also range in the order of 40 to 60 and are so accurate if used well. Together with the air rifles are protective measures and equipment like glasses and binoculars. If you are looking for an outdoor activity then you might just need to get yourself some air rifles and do some shooting. The guns have always been ever since the copper plated BB’s and Red Rydders. Besides, these days there are modern rifles which have the right manuals for first timers as well. You will be amazed at the great fun you discover from air guns.

Safety Rules for Rifles

We all love air rifles because they are fun and relatively easy to use. Even though the rifles are not as dangerous as firearms there have to be some precaution when handling them. First of all the rifles must never be in the wrong hands at any given time because they can also be fatal. In the United Kingdom alone there have been 15 deaths in a span of just 8 years caused by air gun mishandling. Most of the faulty precaution cases always involve the minors. If you are thinking of getting a rifle then first you have to choose a modern and safe air rifle. Also, here are the basic tips that will keep you and your loved ones safe all the time.

Check the rifle first: Anytime you want to hold a gun you have to be aware if it is loaded or not loaded. Even if you used it last you have to just check anyway. Once you always keep checking it will always be habitual so it will be a second nature. Repeating the same thing will drum your subconscious so you will always do this.safety

Treat the rifle like it’s loaded: Air rifles are very dangerous so you always have to treat them with extreme care. Always treat them like they are loaded. Don’t point the rifle to people or pets. This will ensure that you avoid unwanted accidents.

Keep off the trigger: Unless you are shooting, keep your fingers off the trigger. If you are ready to take a shot then you can touch it. Many people fall off this precaution all the time.

Load just before shooting: If you load several hours before shooting chances are that your quarry will not shoot. This is a very tricky precaution but very important. It makes no sense if your air rifle is loaded but just still in the house. This rule is worth following any day.

Maintain the Gun: Your gun has to be in good conditions all the time. This means that you always have to be keen on who is using it and transport it well. Don’t just give your rifle to anyone.

Consider the effects of your shot: Rifles always ricochet and therefore you have to ensure there is nobody behind you anytime you want to make a shot. Consider any worst scenarios possible before making any shot.

Don’t use bad guns: never use air rifles that have failed for some reason. If you are not a specialist then keep off such rifles and don’t even try fixing them because they might just backfire on you. Take the gun to a specialist who will do the right thing.

The Best Heart Rate Monitors Out There And How To Choose

Heart rate monitors can be a powerful tool in your quest to lose weight, improve your training performance and get you body down to the size and shape that you want. An incredibly diverse range of heart rate monitors exist. The one that you’ll end up purchasing will depend on your specific needs. Here are some tips to help you find the best heart rate monitors that will help you build the body you want.

The Information They’ll Give You

heart-rate-monitorTwo basic elements go into making heart rate monitors. The chest strap contains electrodes that are attached to the skin. These pick up the electrical impulses the heart gives off when it beats over a given time period. This information is transmitted to an external device that displays the data on a wrist-mounted watch like unit. Other devices transmit the readings to your mobile phone.

Even the most basic heart rate monitor will be able to tell you your heart rate (high, low and average) and will have a clock so you can time your workout. Usually an alarm feature is available to tell you when you have reached your target training heart rate. However, not all HRM are the same. Choosing the top of the line heart rate monitor can be quite difficult.

How To Use It? Identify Your Needs

A heart rate monitor (HRM) can tell you how hard your heart is working at a certain point in time. By comparing your resting heart rate with your training, maximum and recovery heart rates you can better design an effective fitness program. You want to be pushing yourself to improve but not to the point of overexertion.

Are you looking to lose few pounds or run a marathon? Carefully consider what your needs are, and what you are willing to pay for a heart rate monitor. Do your homework and talk to other fitness buffs and running buddies for feedback.

So Many Options, So Many Functions. Some Of Whats Out There

Most HRMs are chest straps combined with a watch like display that receives the data from the chest strap. However, other models operate using a finger sensor that you touch to the wrist pad to get a reading. These are slightly less accurate than units with a chest strap, but they are more affordable.

High-end HRMs appeal to people who take their fitness training seriously and have specific targets that they need to achieve. Professional athletes naturally prefer more sophisticated models that can give them detailed data that tracks their speed, distance, cadence and even the altitude and slope of the hills and mountains they run. GPS receivers can be incorporated to help an athlete find or mark certain locations. Naturally, the more information you need from your heart rate monitor, the more you’ll be paying for it.

Polar, Timex and Garmin all manufacture a range of heart rate monitors. You’re sure to find one to fit your fitness regime

Making A Decision. Picking Your Perfect Heart Rate Monitor.

There are heart rate monitor buying guides available in bookstores and online to help you get the monitor you need. Consumerreports.com is one such site that offers comprehensive reviews of various heart rate monitors.